About us

Integrity Design’s owner and lead designer is John Sasser. John has worked in the graphic design and printing industry continually since 1989, starting in commercial printing as a pressman. After 3 years at Whitman College as the print shop manager, John broadened his area of expertise and became the Production Services Manager, which entailed Publication Design, Print Buying, and overseeing Whitman’s in-house digital print facility and bulk-mailing services.

John spent nearly 14 years at Whitman where he was trained by top graphic design artists on a one-on-one basis for several weeks and continued under their tutelage through a multi-year follow-up program. In 2003 John decided to expand once again and became an entrepreneur and business owner in the city of Walla Walla, Washington, where he was born and has lived his entire life. John along with his only business partner, best friend and wife, Cherilyn take pride in their professional and personal reputation and work very hard to live up to the company’s name.

John and Cherilyn are very much tied into the Walla Wall community and happily provide discounted services and products to non-profit groups, arts & education and church affiliates.